How Far I’ve Come

Once more it's been rather quiet on my blog. Right now I have still seven weeks left here in Colombia, so I am not at the point where I do an overall review and recap of my year. The credits are not rolling just yet, because who knows if I get the predictable happy ending... Continue Reading →


Soothing Rain

Having lived in Cali for over 8 months now, you start to forget things you took for granted back at home. Only once you experience them again do you realise how much you might have missed them after all. Living in a city where temperatures range between 17°C during cold nights and 35°C during hot... Continue Reading →

A Moment to Breathe Easily

It's a Sunday afternoon. Dark grey rainclouds hang gloomily over the mountains surrounding Cali as I stroll over the boulevard bridge leading towards the supermarket. Below me Cali's river burbles and frames the benches and bars stretching out on the sidewalk. As the sun sets at more or less 6 o'clock every evening the light... Continue Reading →

Waves Taste Like Salt&Vinegar Crisps

Something I found out during a very adventurous day of my vacation on the Colombian coast with my sister, her boyfriend and a good friend of mine is that waves taste like salt and vinegar crisps on my lips. The revelation came in a little boat, better to be described as a nutshell, which whipped... Continue Reading →

The Half-Time Slump

I am at the point that I can say that I have spent half a year here in Cali when someone asks me about my voluntary year. Half a year marks the time frame when locals don't only regard you as a traveller too lazy to move on, but as somewhat valuable for their community.... Continue Reading →

El Lado Oscuro

During our holidays in Santa Marta, we often commented on how safe we felt in comparison to Cali. We walked around the streets, with certain precautions but with more ease than in our chosen home. Yet while I was in Santa Marta, I experienced the dark side. Not of Colombia, but of humanity in general.... Continue Reading →

When the Mamacita Talks Back

„Hermosa, mona, *kissing sounds*, te amo“. In less than 5 seconds, a stranger had declared his supposed love. I had just left the house to go to the supermarket, wearing shorts and a top as usual, nothing that would in any way attract attention in Germany. Right in front of my house, two men linger,... Continue Reading →

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